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For over thirty years, our product range for the cat litter market has reflected our know-how and experience at the service of pet-lovers.
The quality of our raw materials, total control of the production chain and our production capacity mean we can offer the market highly competitive products able to meet end-consumers’ various needs and ensure widespread distribution to both mass retailers and specialized shops.

  • Bentonite Litters
    Bentonite is the industry’s mineral par excellence. On contact with cat urine, it forms an easily-removed clumps, leaving…
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  • Sepiolite / Urasite / Attapulgite Litters
    The particular structure of the mineral, which comprises absorbent litters, enhances odour control to the maximum, making them…
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  • Absorbent Litters made of Other Matierials
    Our range of litters meets all the industry’s demands and trends, offering our customers a wide choice for…
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  • Accessories and Pet Care Products
    With a view to offering a valid answer to customers’ growing needs, over the years we have extended…
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