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  • Lindocat

    Lindocat is our brand of cat litters dedicated to the specialized channel. 30 years’ experience, raw materials of the highest quality and a wide range of new and improved products and accessories that will satisfy the need of every cats, especially those having a strong nature!

    Join us in the magical world of Lindocat: only for Very Important Cats and very special shops!

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  • Signor Gatto

    Signor Gatto is our brand of cat litters dedicated to mass retail channel. “daily hygiene. Naturally.” is our creed. We developed a completely new range of products, wider and deeper, improved in quality and in design of packaging, with a particular focus on the health of your cat and the environment.

    Discover our products!

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  • ARYA

    ARYA is a brand dedicated to overall pet care, hygiene and well-being of pets. ARYA products are formulated with the utmost care and attention to guarantee the best quality for small pets. Raw materials of natural origin, extracts and essential oils from organic farming and an all-Italian supply chain are some of the distinctive features of the ARYA range.

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  • Laviosa Maritime

    Laviosa Maritime shipping and forwarding service Company has a long tradition, which began in 1922. The company has presently reached an excellent level of specialization in providing services to all kinds of ships, with dedication to the optimization of in-port services.

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