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Accessories and Pet Hygiene Products

With a view to offering a valid answer to customers’ growing needs, over the years we have extended our range of specific pet care products.

Litter Deodorant

Made from corn cob or natural clay, our litter deodorants release nice, long-lasting fragrances. Specifically designed to neutralize unpleasant odours in all types of cat litter. With double-ended spreader cap for easy dosing and use. Discover the Arya products.

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Cleansing Wipes

Gentle wet wipes specially made for the hygiene of dogs, cats and puppies. They gently cleanse and deodorize, respecting the natural pH and giving shine to the coat. Ultra-resistant and exclusively Made in Italy, they are available in different fragrances and formats for every costumer's need. Discover the Arya products.

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Absorbent Mats

For the care and hygiene of our smaller pets, our Absorbent Mats with ultra-absorbent polymers offer maximum absorption and the utmost practicality with an adhesive strip for all surfaces in your home. Puppies will soon get used to doing  their business in the same spot. (more…)

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