Foundry was the first industrial sector we began operating in at the beginning of the 20th century, gaining essential experience and expertise over the years to guarantee excellence with regard to both raw materials and service to our partners. Our supply includes a complete range of bentonites and black minerals for green moulding as well as a complete range of silica and chromite sands for shell moulding.
Completing our supply is a moulding sand analysis laboratory service at our plant and a continuous support service provided at our customers' premises.

Laviosa Chimica Mineraria is a member of Amafond, the italian Association of companies which produce machinery, plants, furnaces products and services for the foundry industry, since 1950.


  • Green Moulding Process
    A complete range of bentonites to satisfy all moulding requirements, a high quality black mineral to ensure excellent…
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  • Shell Moulding Process
    The shell moulding process uses sands pre-coated with a thermosetting resin designed to obtain the best performance according…
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  • Resin / Sand Casting Process
    The resin/sand casting process requires sand with high levels of quality, purity and consistency, which does not influence…
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  • Recarburizing
    This process involves the use of recarburizing products to correct the percentage of carbon contained in grey or…
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  • Slag Removal
    The slag removal process is carried out by dispersing natural granular perlite on top of the molten metal.…
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  • Product Solutions
    Lubricating powders and sealing strips to optimize performance and quality in various stages of green moulding processes.
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  • Service & Support
    Technical support and close cooperation between supplier and customer are essential in foundry processes to maintain the high…
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