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Green Moulding Process

A complete range of bentonites to satisfy all moulding requirements, a high quality black mineral to ensure excellent cast surfaces, silica and chromite sands to guarantee an optimal refractory skeleton and starch additives for perfect humidity control. All our products for green moulding guarantee excellent results, both in moulding and in casting, reducing the risk of cast defects to the minimum.
Our bentonite/black mineral pre-mixes are formulated on the basis of each customer’s individual needs and designed to obtain the best performance in accordance with the specific type of plant and production.


Our starch based products ,PRETAP - QUELL MELL - GELAMID, are used as additives in our PREMIX (bentonite - coal dust formulation), to grant  optimal humidity control in problematic plant situations or in periods where the temperature is particularly high.

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Our BENTOCOL range consists of sodium bentonites, selected according to the specific characteristics required by the moulding process and production. The wide variety of choice, combined with close cooperation with our customers, makes it possible to select the bentonite most suited to the type of production.

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Bentonite Coal Mix

Our PREMIX range is composed by selected coal dust, with a very high lustrous carbon content, already mixed with the needed amount of high quality bentonite. Our PREMIX give the advantage to manage just one additive and reduce the  cast surface defects . Our formulations are adaptable to all requirements and the percentage of bentonite and coal dust are decided according to individual customers' needs.

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Silica Sands

Our Silica sand,  thanks to the high degree of purity, is able to provide an optimal silica skeleton with casts free of defects caused by impurities or thermal expansion.

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Non-ferrous metals

Our special, ready to use sand, ECOBOND, are suitable for moulds in high precision casting of non-ferrous metals. ECOBOND is a product of new conception, water based and environmentally friendly, without any gaseous emission dangerous for the health or polluting, as we usually have with oil based products.

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