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Animal Feed & Agricolture

Our bentonite-based products are used in animal feed as additions in the production of feed pellets, as fluidifiers and to
prevent caking in the production of mineral feeds.
We also offer a selection of products indicated for mycotoxins absorption, which mixed with feeds or ready-mixes prevent
animals from metabolising aflatoxins, reducing the risk of immunodepression, lowered fertility and reduced digestion, which are some of the consequences deriving from the presence of mycotoxins in feed.
Constant commitment to research and development is at the basis of our experimental work, which for years has been carried out in collaboration with international research institutes to find innovation solutions.
We have developed bentonites for the agriculture industry that can be used in the formulation of loams and fertilizers as support and binding agent for soil conditioning.

We are one of the Industrial partner of MycoKey project funded by European Commission under Horizon 2020 programme.


It aims to deliver in 2019 the first integrated and innovative keyactions for mycotoxin management in the food and feed chain.

Discover more on  www.mycokey.eu

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