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Plastics & Rubbers

Laviosa Chimica Mineraria SpA produces a series di nanoclays under the DELLITE brand, used in various
polymeric matrices to form nano composites with interesting properties and advantages.


Dellites gives greater lightness to polymeric matrices, improved mechanical properties, greater thermal stability and a better fuel vapour barrier. The results are cost savings, better resistance to the most common corrosive agents, a reduction in gas emissions because of the lighter vehicles and so a less environmentally-damaging impact. (more…)

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Packaging Films

Compared with traditionally used plastic materials, Dellites confer lower weight, a greater barrier to gases (oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapour) and odours and greater resistance to chemical products. (more…)

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Cables & Wires

Traditional flame retardants added to polymeric matrices in great quantities cause high levels of density, lack of flexibility in the end product, mediocre mechanical properties and problems during the compounding and extrusion stage. However, if small percentages of DELLITES are added, the weight of the flame retardant can be reduced by up to 30%, inhibiting the above-mentioned problems and also providing fire-proofing properties. The use…

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