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Our Philosophy

We are committed to providing our collaborators with the tools and professional opportunities that will secure continuity and economic stability for them and their families into the future. We aim to achieve this by maintaining a transparent company policy focussing on the enhancement of diverse cultures, aptitudes and skills in a context of shared results.

download the pdf Ethical Code download the pdf Politica-aziendale-05-2020
    • Innovation

      We continuously carry out research and development into innovative solutions that can improve our customers’ product performance in terms of quality and efficiency. That is why a large part of our annual profits are reinvested in the ongoing innovation of processes, products and services.

    • Sustainability

      Everything we do, from the mining, transport and processing of the minerals to the environmental rehabilitation phase, is carried out in a way that is mindful to the environment and that protects the health and safety of our collaborators and of the communities living close to our mining and production sites.

    • Sharing

      We are fully committed to the sharing of our ethical values with a spirit of participation, involving all those who work with and for our company.

    • Integrity

      We strongly believe that real prospects for shared growth can only exist in a context where relations with our stakeholders are based on respect, trust and transparency.

  • We are one of the world’s leading companies in the Bentonite sector.

    Our main strengths and skills lie in the control of our raw materials, our process technology, our localised production in various parts of the world, and our applicative knowledge of the product, all of which are supported by logistic services and a customer-oriented approach.

    Through our partners we provide our worldwide customers with our know-how and experience combined with high-performing products and specialised technical assistance. We and our stakeholders all share ethical and responsible behaviour as well as care for the environment. Reciprocal trust and respect between ourselves and our partners is essential for our success.

    We will continue to expand worldwide through organic growth, entering new markets and developing new products, while also exploring new business opportunities, partnerships and acquisitions.
    In order to sustain the company’s growth, we will take control of our mineral resources for at least 60% of our annual consumption for the next 15 years.

    We will reinforce our participative management style in order to reach our objectives, and will employ thebest-qualified people for each key position in the company, within a highly motivating environment, focussing on the integrated growth of our industrial group. We will sustain our growth by augmenting our decision-making skills and the ways in which these decisions can be rapidly implemented.

    We will also increase our investments while maintaining the financial stability that the company regards as an essential value.