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We produce bentonites for use in wine and fruit juice concentrate production processes. In wine production, bentonite in powder or granule form is added to water to form a gel that serves to clarify (clean) the wine and stabilize proteins.
Bentonite is also used to clarify clear fruit juices such as apple, cranberry, raspberry etc.
Our bentonites have different characteristics depending on the requirements expressed and requested by customers and reference markets. In all cases, the aim is to obtain wine with consistent, lasting marketable features.

Fruit Juices

For the fruit juice sector we offer bentonites with a low sodium content and a wide range of ultra-fine (UF) powders for use in ultra-filtration systems particularly widely used by producers of apple and mixed berry juice concentrates.

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We offer bentonite-based products in both powder (ENOBENT) and granule (SPHEROBENT) form: the end customer (the winery) chooses according to its requirements in terms of use and processes. Climate and soil composition, on the other hand, are deciding factors in the choice of one of our bentonites in relation to performance / characteristics. (more…)

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