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Resin / Sand Casting Process

The resin/sand casting process requires sand with high levels of quality, purity and consistency, which does not influence the action of the resin and/or catalyser. South African chromite sands and foreign silica sands with a complete range of grain size ensure excellent performance in terms of quality and consistency for all types of production.

Olivine Sand

Our OLIVINE SAND, thanks to its high sintering point and low thermal expansion, gives excellent results used in manganese steel casts or in heavy iron casts. The use of Olivine sand can reduce or avoid the scabs defects which we may have in these productions.

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Chromite Sand

Our  highly refractory CHROMITE SAND,  of South African origin,  is used in all foundry productions where particularly high refractory qualities and resistance is required because of the high temperatures and stress reached.

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Silica Sand

Our Silica sand,  thanks to the high degree of purity, is able to provide an optimal silica skeleton with casts free of defects caused by impurities or thermal expansion.

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