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Other Litters

Our range of litters meets all the industry’s demands and trends, offering our customers a wide choice for the easier identification of the best product for their particular needs.

Light in Calcium Silicate

Hygienic litter made of calcium silicate, a porous material that can absorb up to twice its weight. High absorption capacity for an ultra-light and easy-maintenance product.

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Light in Silica Gel

Extremely light in the form of transparent crystals. It is highly absorbent and becomes a gel on contact with liquids, minimizing their evaporation and trapping odours. Very light and long-lasting.

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Marine Grit litters for Birds

Specifically formulated for the bottom of bird cages, it is made with pure marine grit (fragments of shells). It is an hygienic litter with an additional health function for animals: if swallowed it aids digestion and provides an intake of calcium useful for the formation of eggs.  

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