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Plant-Based Litters

Made of 100% biodegradable and compostable materials, such as soya, wood and corn cob, our plant-based litters are characterized by their high absorption capacity of liquids and odours. Lightweight to carry and easy to clean, plant-based litters can be disposed of in organic waste and, in small quantities, even in the household toilet.

Soy-Based Plant Litters

Pelleted cat litter made of 100% tofu, a completely biodegradable soya derived product, which allows for disposal in organic waste. Agglomerating and with a high capacity to retain liquids and odours, these litters do not release dust.

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Wood-Based Plant Litters

100% biodegradable clumping cat littes made from secondary raw materials from the wood industry. Clumping or absorbent in the form of pellets, these litters are characterised by their high odour control properties.

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