Bentonite-based products are used at various stages of the paper production process. Bentonite is used directly in the pulper or in slurry form to adsorb carbonaceous residues (pitch and stickies) from the material before recycling.
Bentonite is also employed in paper production as a retention and draining agent, serving to improve paper production in terms of speed and yield. In these two appplications bentonite becomes part of the paper formula.
This is why very finely-ground, low grit bentonites are needed so that they do not interfere with the production process.
Bentonite is also used in water purification, especially in de-inking water. In this case, it is an agent that forms stable colloidal suspension when dispersed in water. Added to the water to be treated with an organic polymer, this suspension causes macro flocculation which adsorbs and removes suspended organic and inorganic solids (reduction of COD).

Pitch Control

Papercol PF is part of a range of bentonite-based products selected and treated to develop high adsorption properties in water. (more…)

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Laviofloc refers to a range of bentonite-based additives with a high specific surface and purity that mean they can be used in various retention systems. (more…)

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