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Additives for ceramics and refractories

We produce a range of bentonite-based products for use as rheological additives as thickeners and to increase workability of the finished product.
For ceramic applications, the selected bentonites provide good plasticity, which is essential if raw pastes are to be very strong, and at the same time maintain good moulding properties and stability of the aqueous suspensions in the paste.


Added in varying percentages (0.5 – 2 %), bentonites improve adhesion between the glaze and the support, giving strength and plasticity to the mass. The use of bentonites in partial substitution for organic plasticizers also reduces gaseous emissions created by combustion of organic compounds.

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Selected, processed bentonite powders added to the formula of single-fire and gres porcelain ceramic pastes generate high cohesive strength between the components of the paste to enhance its properties.

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