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Coatings, Plastics, Construction

We are one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of organoclays. LAVIOSA VISCOGEL™ are produced using special, sophisticated industrial technology that provides for total purification of our bentonites, treatment with quatenary ammonium salt and their transformation into bentonite organoclay.
They are widely used as rheological additives in solvent coatings, printing ink, lubricating greases and cosmetic products.
Our organoclays, particularly refined and processed to obtain smaller dimensions, are used as innovative materials called NANOCLAYS, for the manufacture of nanocomposites in the Plastics and Elastomeric Rubber industries.
We also offer a range of selected, processed bentonites called LAVIOTHIX, for use as rheological additives in water based systems.
All the times a proper balance among rheology, plasticity and water retention is requested, LAVIOKOLL is our best proposal for dry mix systems.

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