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Pet Shops


ARYA is a brand dedicated to overall pet care, hygiene and well-being of pets. ARYA products are formulated with the utmost care and attention to guarantee the best quality for small pets. Raw materials of natural origin, extracts and essential oils from organic farming and an all-Italian supply chain are some of the distinctive features of the ARYA range. Visit our website https://arya.pet/en/

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A brand dedicated to the specialist channel that is able to meet every need of the end costumer. It comprises a wide range of high-quality mineral, plant-based and silica gel litters and hygienic sands for cats and other small animals. Visit our website http://www.lindocat.it/en/     

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Kittosan is a brand dedicated to the specialist channel. The range comprises mineral-based clumping and absorbent litters in 5 kg and 10 kg formats. A small line designed for more price-conscious consumers.

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The brand designed to offer the specialist channel a clumping litter with an excellent quality/price ratio. Available in 5 and 10 kg formats, Eco Lindo cat litter is the ideal answer to the demands of consumers looking for an affordable product without foregoing quality.

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Private Label

With over 30 years’ experience, we handle the production for more than 100 brands of leading Italian Large Scale Retail players and large Italian and foreign chains of specialist shops.

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