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Mass Market

Signor Gatto

Brand dedicated to mass retail channel for high-end quality products, comprising a complete range of clumping and absorbent mineral litters. The packaging has been designed to meet Supermarkets shelf stocking and format requirements. Valid integration with customers’ Private Label. Visit our website http://www.signorgatto.it

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Spooky & Lindo Gatto

Spooky and LindoGatto are a more economical alternative to the SignorGatto line products. They are natural mineral-based litters with clumping and absorbent properties.

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Private Label

With over 30 years’ experience, we handle the production for more than 100 brands of leading Italian Large Scale Retail players and large Italian and foreign chains of specialist shops. We offer a complete service from development of the product to delivery, applying the best product solutions to implement the customer’s project idea.

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