Animal Feed

For Animal Feed we have designed products for every need, as auxiliaries in the production of feed in pellets, as thinners and anti-sticking agents in the production of mineral feeds.

We also offer a selection of products that are suitable for the adsorption of mycotoxins that, when mixed with feed or premixed, prevent the absorption and metabolization of various mycotoxins by animals, thus avoiding immunosuppression, decreased fertility, reduced digestion and therefore a decrease in production.

Mycotoxin Binders

Laviosa has designed a range of products suitable for the adsorption of various mycotoxins, such as Aflatoxin B1, Fumonisin B1, Ochratoxin and Zearalenone. The range includes the “GLOBALFEED T1” product which meets the new European requirements to be declared an agent for the reduction of Aflatoxin B1 contamination (1m558) and has a high efficiency in the adsorption of the related mycotoxin. Laviosa has also created…

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