For the agricultural sector we have designed products for various uses, such as foliar treatment, the formulation of granular fertilizers, the tanning of seeds and as a corroborant of natural defenses.

Some of our products are specially designed and created by mixing bentonite with other substances, to offer a product with maximum effectiveness.

All our products have been designed with a view to eco-sustainability, representing valid substitutes for the use of synthetic chemicals or limiting their use in the field.

A constant commitment to research and development is the basis of our experimental activity which for years has been collaborating with research institutes at an international level to find innovative solutions.

Fortifying for the natural defenses of plants

Our Bentonite has been carefully selected on the basis of its chemical properties and its fineness to offer a rock dust suitable for agricultural use. Thanks to its ability to retain water, bentonite e is very effective in drastically reducing the onset of fungal diseases. Moreover, given its light color, it is effective in reflecting the sun’s rays avoiding leaf burns. Limits the attack of…

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Foliar Protection

A great limitation of Kaolin is that it can be easily washed away by atmospheric events, forcing the operator to perform a subsequent treatment. We have therefore formulated the AGRIBENT KAO product obtained by mixing Kaolin in optimal ratio with Bentonite. The suspension of AGRIBENT KAO has the main advantages of both minerals, however, making it more persistent on the leaf and less washable by…

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EC fertilizer based on microelements

We have created a product that combines the properties of our Agricultural Bentonite, with those of microelements, now known and widely used in the agricultural sector as foliar fertilizers. These components, in synergy with each other, create a less washable, more effective and environmentally friendly fertilizer.

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Additive for sandy soils

Bentonite can be used in sandy soils to balance the water retention of the same. Thanks to its chemical-physical properties, bentonite tends to acquire water and release it over time.

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Additive for tanning of seeds

Some seeds have a reduced size and weight and therefore, to be used in machinery such as pneumatic seeders, a coating is required to make them more manageable. In addition, various substances can be added to this coating which support and protect the seed for optimal germination.

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Adjuvants for the formulation of fertilizers

Our Bentonites can be used as adjuvants for the formulation of fertilizers, retaining the substances present and gradually releasing them over time, avoiding excessive washout and deterioration of the granule. Various types of granulations and colors are available.

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