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House & Personal Care

We produce bentonites used in the production of powder detergents for various types of use. Bentonite may be used as a softening component or in the form of coloured granules as an aesthetic component.
We produce bentonites with a thickening or suspending effect for dense detergent products such as creams or pastes.
Bentonite is used in the formulation and production of cleaning products for the following purposes:
1) to soften;
2) to improve the appearance of the detergent;
3) to thicken/act as a suspending agent. The
softening effect is the result of filling micro-cavities in the fibres of the fabric with bentonite, leaving the surface softer and more pleasant to the touch.

Powder detergents

DETERSOFT granular products are used in post-addition in the production of detergents, in an amount of about 10-15%. DETERCAL and DETERCOL powder products, on the other hand, are used by detergent manufacturers at a pre-granulation stage, depending on the specific production and industrial requirements of the plant they are destined for. (more…)

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Specific powder bentonites in our COSMOCLAY range are used in the case of cream or paste detergents where formulas include a thickening and anti-sediment ingredient. Our COSMOCLAY P1 and COSMOCLAY P100 products contribute to giving the product a three-dimensional structure which allows incorporation of different elements and fillers that form an integral part of it.

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Today's cosmetics require suitable rheological properties to improve stability during storage and ease of application. Among our products we offer rheological modifiers for aqueous systems (COSMOCLAY P1 e COSMOCLAY P100) and solvent systems (LAVIOSA ARGIMEL®) for use in cosmetic products such as makeup and creams. Our offer includes bentonite PELOIDE used for facial mask and for thermal mud therapy

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