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Performance Additives

The advantage of many bentonite-based industrial additives is their ability to improve the performance and efficiency of industrial processes in which they are used. From this comes the term “performance additives” used for all those bentonite-based products that improve the performance, effectiveness or cost-efficiency of a wide range of industrial processes.

  • House & Personal Care
    We produce bentonites used in the production of powder detergents for various types of use. Bentonite may be…
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  • Beverage
    We produce bentonites for use in wine and fruit juice concentrate production processes. In wine production, bentonite in…
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  • Paper
    Bentonite-based products are used at various stages of the paper production process. Bentonite is used directly in the…
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  • Waste water treatment
    Compounds in the LAVIOUPUR LCM line consist of specifically selected bentonites modified with accurately dosed and mixed polymers…
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  • Ceramic
    We produce a range of bentonite-based products for use as rheological additives as thickeners and to increase workability…
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  • Animal Feed & Agricolture
    Our bentonite-based products are used in animal feed as additions in the production of feed pellets, as fluidifiers…
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  • Miscellaneous
    We supply bentonite-based products for many industrial applications, and are available to work with customers to find solutions…
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