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Lining & Waterproofing Technologies

LWT focuses on the production of needlepunched Geosynthetic Clay Liners for environmental protection works, hydraulic works, infrastructures (MODULO GEOBENT) and construction waterproofing (EDILMODULO).
Granular and powder bentonites (LAVIOBENT), bentonites for controlling accidental hydrocarbon spillage (ADSORB) and auxiliary products for the waterproofing industry (LAVIOSEAL waterstop, LAVIOMASTIC bentonite paste) complete our product portfolio.
The LWT division aims to become an international leading player and expand our presence through entry into new markets and developing products with a high added value.

  • Lining
    Our Geosynthetic Clay Liners are designed for environmental applications such as the construction of landfills (urban, industrial and…
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  • Waterproofing
    The Geosynthetic Clay Liner range, together with the bentonite waterstops and ancillary products such as bentonite paste and…
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  • Adsorbents
    This market segment is related to bentonites for mixing with soil, and bentonites and derivative products for the…
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