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Civil Engineering, Drilling & Tunnelling

The civil engineering deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the environment, including works like buildings, roads, bridges, canals and dams: Precisely, the sub-category defined as geotechnical works, relate to the study of the soil properties and any possible interaction with consolidation systems such as bored pile, micropiles and barette, diaphragm walls and slurry walls.

  • Special Foundations
    “The foundation is that part of a structure in direct contact with the ground, to which it binds…
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  • Horizontal and Tunnelling
    “Trenchless” technology can be defined as a family of methods, materials and equipment for the construction or rehabilitation…
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  • Vertical Drilling and deviated wells
    To approach «method to drill well» we should distinguish between high depth well and low depth well. Usually…
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  • Grouting
    Requests coming directly from market key players for ready to be used mixture, with high technical characteristics, goes…
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  • Service & Support
    The creation of technical solutions, specifically tailored on the actual needs of the customer is the cornerstone of…
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