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  • Laviosa Turkey

    Laviosa Turkey is a company operating in the Laviosa Group since 2007, registered in Turkey and located in Fatsa,  at a distance of about 2 km from the port and close to most of the mines that are less than 10 km away, permitting optimized supply chain services.
    The activity of the company consists in securing high value white bentonite grades, processing of bentonite in its plant by Activation, Drying,
    Sizing and Milling to special grades in granular or powder form for worldwide industrial and consumer markets.

    Find out more about our Turkish company.

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  • Laviosa France

    Laviosa France is a global French service company based in Limay (France) on the Seine river harbor producing chemicals and mineral products for Oil & Gas Drilling, Tunneling and Civil Engineering applications. Furthermore, the company provides specific equipment for STP (solid treatment plants) such as shale shakers, mud cleaners, mixers, pumps and centrifuges.
    Laviosa France has three cat litter production lines, for paper bags, carton boxes and plastic bags and is able to produce 100% of mineral cat litter distributed in France, of both absorbing and clumping types. We can also able to supply our customers with silica gel and vegetal cat litters (wood, cereals …). Our action is developing with a dedicated brand LINDOCAT for a specialized network (pet store, garden centers) and another brand SIGNOR GATTO for retail.

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  • Laviosa India

    Our Indian company’s headquarters are in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. It has an advanced processing plant in Pundi, in the state of Gujarat. Founded in 2009 by a joint venture with one of India’s leading player in industrial mineral market, in 2016 it was entirely acquired by Laviosa Chimica Mineraria.

    Find out more about our Indian company.

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  • Lindocat

    Lindocat is our brand of cat litters dedicated to the specialized channel. 30 years’ experience, raw materials of the highest quality and a wide range of new and improved products and accessories that will satisfy the need of every cats, especially those having a strong nature!

    Join us in the magical world of Lindocat: only for Very Important Cats and very special shops!

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  • Signor Gatto

    Signor Gatto is our brand of cat litters dedicated to mass retail channel. “daily hygiene. Naturally.” is our creed. We developed a completely new range of products, wider and deeper, improved in quality and in design of packaging, with a particular focus on the health of your cat and the environment.

    Discover our products!

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  • Carlo Laviosa

    Carlo Laviosa Srl shipping and forwarding service Company has a long tradition, which began in 1922. The company has presently reached an excellent level of specialization in providing services to all kinds of ships, with dedication to the optimization of in-port services.

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