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Sepiolite / Urasite / Attapulgite Litters

The particular structure of the mineral, which comprises absorbent litters, enhances odour control to the maximum, making them long-lasting. Special screening gives rise to a uniform granulometric distribution.
Absorbent litters are Ideal for those who change the product less frequently. The processing needed to obtain our product does not alter the natural characteristics of the product. Scents and colours are added using natural additivesproducts.
All processing stages are managed and controlled by our specialized personnel, protection and respect for the environment being not just a slogan, but the basic guidelines for our processes.


Innovative litters with high liquid and odour absorption properties, a low specific weight and reduced dust content. Enhanced with natural essences and antibacterial agents.

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Highly absorbent and odour-neutralizing cat litter. Also available enhanced with natural essences; a pleasant scent is released on contact with liquids, the subtle colouring does not stain the cat’s paws.

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