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Bentonite Litters

Bentonite is the industry’s mineral par excellence. On contact with cat urine, it forms an easily-removed clumps, leaving the rest of the material intact and optimizing consumption by making for prolonged use and savings.
The domestic cat immediately learns to use the litter box, so reducing the possible transmission of illnesses felines are susceptible to.
Using a finer-grained type of litter during the early months can make it easier for the cat to use it and so become litter-trained.
Our clumping litters are designed for the animal’s hygiene and that of the environment it lives in. They are also available scented with different essences.

White Clumping

Featuring bentonite with a very high level of whiteness and reduced specific weight, they offer excellent clumping performance and easier to carry bags.

Available in Standard and Micro sizes.

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Clumping Micro

The smaller size of the grain (< 2mm) increases the specific absorption surface of the material, maximizing clumping and absorbency and at the same time reducing consumption of the product as a result of the better absorption (up to 30% reduction in consumption).

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