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Laviosa Lab Service puts its research and analysis experience and expertise in the field of bentonites and clay minerals at the disposal of third parties.
The service, which is based in the Laboratory at the Via Galvani plant in Livorno, is a reference point for the company and the entire industry, both for its know-how and the equipment and instruments employed to support R&D and Quality Control.

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Below is a list of the analyses we are able to perform in our laboratory.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are unable to find what you are looking for.

  • Total free granular moisture
  • Total free powder moisture
  • Wet residue over 45 micron sieve
  • Wet residue over 75 micron sieve
  • Dry residue over 45 micron sieve
  • Dry residue over 75 micron sieve
  • Brookfield viscosity (with any concentration)
  • Fann viscosity (with any concentration)
  • Fluid Loss
  • Cake Thickness
  • Marsh viscosity (with any concentration)
  • Bleeding of bentonite mud
  • pH (with any concentration)
  • Methylene blue absorption (CEC/MBA)
  • Liquid limit
  • Swell index
  • Green compression strength (Natural)
  • Wet tensile strength (Natural)
  • Compactability (Natural)
  • Green compression strength (550°C, 30 min)
  • Wet tensile strength (550°C, 30 min)
  • Compactability (550°C, 30 min)
  • Green compression strength (550°C, 60 min)
  • Wet tensile strength (550°C, 60 min)
  • Compactability (550°C, 60 min)
  • Green compression strength (550°C, 120 min)
  • Wet tensile strength (550°C, 120 min)
  • Compactability (550°C, 120 min)
  • Carbonate content
  • Sympatec
  • PWA (Plate water absorption)
  • Enslin Index
  • L.O.I. (loss on ignition)
  • SSA (Surface Area Determination)
  • XRD (qualitative mineralogical analyses)
  • XRF (semi-quantitative chemical analyses)
  • Size distribution_Grain size index

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